Multitool Card Sets – Black & Silver (1xPACK)

Multitool Card Set – Black Edition v2.1 +

Multitool Card Set – Silver Edition v2.0



“One is much more. ( 37 ) –in just one.”

Small. Lightweight. Compact. 37 tools in 1.

Easy to use & always on you!

Multitool Card Set – Black Edition Included :

| Multitool Card Black v2.1 | Black Sleeve | Carabiner| MoneyClip| KeyRing | Firestarter| Whistle | Giftable Box |

Black Edition


Multitool Card Set – Silver Edition Included :

| Multitool Card Silver v2.0| Black Sleeve | Carabiner | KeyRing | Card Holder| Giftable Box 

Silver Edition


The best gift for men has to have tools, to be interesting, to provoke his mind, and to come in handy in any unexpected situation.



37 tools to discover just on the Wallet Multitool Card – IMPROVED VERSIONS v2.0/v2.1, that gets easily in his wallet, useful and he can show off with + The gift-sets have other useful camping accessories!

╚» ALL  IN ONE TOOL «╝  SMART RSQ smart patent design, you can use it whenever, wherever the situation demands it (to screw things in, tighten bolts, cut line, strip cords, peel fruits and vegetables, and so much more!



Let’s face it, YOU CAN’T CARRY your toolkit around everywhere you go, but you can use the Credit Card Multitool whenever the situation demands.





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